Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Candyman (1992)

This month I'm reviewing cheesy horror movies in honor of Halloween.

The first cheesy horror movie is a strange one. Candyman is not your typical early 90s horror movie. The basic storyline sounds like dozens of other horror flicks. A grad student (who looks suspiciously like Scully from X-Files) researches an urban legend about the Candyman, a killer with a hook for a hand who appears after someone says Candyman five times while looking in the mirror (Bloody Mary, anyone?).

But here's where it gets strange. There's nothing scary in this scary movie. Creepy is a better word. The Candyman is truly creepy and unsettling and it has nothing to do with the hook. It's a combination of Tony Todd's voice (as deep and black as a voice can get) and that damn fur coat...the guy is basically a tuba dressed like a pimp. The only truly scary aspect of this film is the ghetto where this movie was filmed. This is the ghetto...the real ghetto. I'd rather deal with the Candyman than go anywhere near the ghettos in Chicago. Kudos to the filmmakers by openly admitting that black people are terrifying.

The Candyman is kind of an odd cat. He seems to enjoy murdering poor people and stealing their babies. Not only that but he likes white women and attempts to woo them by framing them for murder. His idea of a good time is sawing off a dog's head and spraying blood all over the walls before vomiting bees down some chick's throat. And if that isn't strange enough the movie ends with a giant bonfire started by children.

The music really adds to the creep factor in this one. The score is unique and haunting, much like the film. At no point during the movie will you truly be frightened, but when the movie's over you'll be left with an unsettling feeling, which I personally feel is a much greater accomplishment.


Oh no! A black guy!

Why It's Scary: I watched this movie almost a week ago and it's still with me. Now THAT'S what a horror movie is supposed to do, folks.

Best Quote:

Fake Candyman: I hear you're looking for Candyman, bitch. Well, you found him!

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